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Karen Boatwright

Karen Boatwright’s artistic practice is creative and diverse. Primarily a painter influenced by the natural and animal worlds, and interested in the imagined narratives between place, people, animals and objects and how we use and share our territories. Her work often reflects the mood and time of a season.
On a larger scale she has designed interiors, windows, sets and created site specific murals.
A lifelong collector of found objects she enjoys the process of seeing and conceiving a new purpose for an often beautiful piece that has fallen out of use. This passion comes from a general love to create and not waste – something from what may be seen as nothing. Infinite possibilities, a cycle of renewal from old.
These necklaces represent an application of renewal and reuse. Well-made vintage Czech glass beads (mostly from the 1920s) given a contemporary new life with considered spacing and threading onto hand dyed cotton waxed thread.