Landworkers Alliance Calendar


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Landworkers Alliance 2020 calendar ‘Another Farm is Possible’, 2020 has exposed the deep cracks and inequalities that exist across our health and wellbeing, and in our food systems. The calendar showcases twelve farms and projects across the UK, that embody the transformation that is so desperately needed to change this.

In each story, farmers, coppicers and crofters speak in their own words about their project and their passion, opening a window into a more just future. The stories are brought to life alongside 12 beautiful, original lino cuts by Rosanna Morris, and are beautifully reproduced onto a lovely, textured brown Kraft paper.

Drawing on the past, there’s Parcy Dderwen: fermenters, on a mission to re-instil forgotten fermentation skills. Whilst looking forwards, Willowbrook Farm is the UK’s first argroecological halal farm. Measures 300mm x 300mm.

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